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I can not because...| she says that I....| It's is a hype to....|I am who I am so....| I did it all and nothing... Recognize this? They are all bullsh*t. Just excuses not to have to do something change your focus, change your results!


The best elements from the east. Beginning with spices and herbs al the way to movement and mindset. Where the "easy life" is a way of life


Getting the best from both worlds, Integrated into your busy western lifestyle. So you can have a healthy body and a clear mind and still living the lifestyle of the west.


The best elements from the west. Beginning with nutrition and lifestyle al the way up to functional training and coping with daily stress and the fast lane called life


In the western world we have this absolutely crazy idea that we can manage time, that we can controle time.

Time is the one thing we can not controle!

We can try to do things within an amount of time, but time never stops and al you can is be on time or be late. Time is the only thing you have in life.

Now and only now

If you stop chasing time, look at time as the enemy or get upset if time goes by to quickly (or to slowly). But realize there is only now! You will win the battle of timechaging. If you make every minute count, give it your best you have, enjoy all the moments you have throughout your life. You will live a great and wonderfull life.

Time is all you have in this world

If you always battling with time, you'r battling with you life. Start en joying you life again with these simple free lesson.


The heroes who changed their life to live their most beautiful lives they can imagine


A mom who has been struggling with her weight after the last birth decided to change her eating habbits.  

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Robin his results in 3 months/ Just changing his eating and training habbits made this result a life changer

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A student who wanted to learn more then what they teach him in school. He learned lessons that will last a life time.

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Are you our next hero

Are you a future hero? A hero is someone who knows what he or she wants and goes for it. 

Don't regret a year from now that you did not start today

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Nutrition is key for your health

Nutrition is your life's fuel. Without good nutrition is like filling your gasoline car with diesel. It wil not run or maybe very bad.

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Go for Healthy

You can focus on losing weight, or you can focus on becoming healthier and because of that lose weight.

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Get fit

Most of us, spend 22 hours a day sitting or being in bed out. To become fit, you've got to work out or move more then these 2 hours.

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Enjoy life

Getting fit, having good nutrition and no stress are the things that make you enjoy your life even more than you do now.