Time travel is it possible? (ENG)

east mindfulness mindset May 29, 2017

We are always chasing time, hoping to get there on time, finish work on time, finish the test on time. Almost everything we do in our western lifestyle is try to controle time. But it is impossible to controle time, the only thing we can controle are our actions. And since we are aware of that, we keep pushing everyday of our life to achieve more and more in the same amount of time we had yesterday. And tomorrow? We will try do do a little bit more than we did today.

What would really happen if you would do less then you did yesterday? Would you go bankrupt? Have to move out of your house? Get fired? 

Do you know that for sure or do you think that this really is going to happen? Sure there are moments in life that time is really importent, like being on time on you child's wedding day. (or you own). 

What I found out after helping other people deal with their lives that when they began to do less in a day, they did actually more.

Does that not sound a little bit crazy?...

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