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Over € 200,000. - in sales the first year I started implementing these tips and the best part? Without extra stress or energy loss.

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Business fundamentals

Whatever you do you have to make sure that your business fundamentals are perfectly build. In this course we will take a very good look at that part of your business

My Sales Funnel

Just four simple steps your business needs to build a perpetual mobile of never ending customer flow.But it all starts with defining your Target Audience. My style!

Sell by not to sell

A lot of entrepreneurs just want to sell and it does not matter to whom they sell to. As long as they make money from that person they are happy. Stop doing that and build a business.

Why with me?

A lot of Business coaches are just coaches. They know how to sell their product, but they did not sell anything else. They just sold courses on how to sell to needy entrepreneurs.

Would you not rather listen to a guy that has sold the same products as you are trying to sell?

I have been (and still am) a personal trainer, nutrition expert and NLP master coach for over 10 years. Which means I still have to be out there and attract new clients every day. 

I want to teach you in my courses what I've been doing for the last ten years to make over € 200,000. - every single year. 

I know where you are right now. I've been there. I've struggled, crashed and burned.

I took a lot of courses that just costed me a lot of time and money but did nothing in return. It was just another Guru talking on stage. After spending over € 50,000. -  on course to learn to grow your business I learned what to do and what not to do. Took the best parts out of each course, tested it out into my business, adjusted it and stayed with the things that really worked.

I know, that is available to you. But only if you really want to, because if you do not want it, it will be a waste of money, time and energy.

All this course will take is an hour a day for a week. But you can also watch series on Netflix. It is up to you.



Yes I know, it will cost you a lot of time, stress and energy to get your business up and running and even more to build a good business.

And that is true.

That is what you choose when you became an entrepreneur.

But doesn't it cost more time, energy, stress AND money to do all the things you do and get no results?

In the beginning it will cost you, but as soon as these fundamental things are done there will be less stress and more free time.

I know that was the reason for me to become an too?

Enough = enough

When is enough, enough? When will you stop being in pain and stress? When will you say:” No more!”

It took me over two years when I dared to admit that I was in deep Sh*t. More than two years before I finally told myself: “Quit the BULLSH*T and start getting help.

This is when I started the courses that costed me over € 50K.

This is the moment when I realized that if I really wanted to get the most out of life and not having more days in a month then money in my bank account.

This was the moment I started to take action

This was the moment I started to held myself accountable for the problems with my company (instead of the weather, the market, the crisis etc.)

This is when I took my first step to live the life I wanted to live.

This is the start of my independent life

This is when I realized A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I’m still grateful that I took that first single step and bought that course.

Your first step is waiting for you

Spend an hour a day for the next week and grow your business ? Or do not have the time and energy? Then you really must do this...I think. Only € 97,-


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